Tell Me How it Ends p.33-53

From pages 33-53, Luiselli’s main argument is the unfair treatment of the kids being detained in the icebox. The main reason why the children flee from their country’ is to escape the danger of the gangs and try to seek refuge. However, as they are in the process of building a case, the usual time to find a lawyer from 6 months was then changed to 21 days which doesn’t give the children anytime to find a trusted lawyer with the credentials. Not only that but if the children are from countries that share borders with the U. S, they can be automatically removed if deemed by the border police. She later states almost all children coming from Mexico are deported without formal immigration proceedings.

Luiselli also goes on to say that most of the first 20 questions are about the child and whether or not their living situation was a reason on why they left or if they have family in the U.S. By the children saying yes to having family living in the U.S they then are to give up the member’s address while still being screened. Kids who are seeking “refuge” aren’t even being called that, they have been referred to as “illegal immigrant” instead of “undocumented” which further dehumanizes the children. Not only that but the children can only be guaranteed a temporary “U-Visa” that is only given to undocumented children if they have been a victim of a crime that was committed in the U.S and even then the children are forced to agree to help law enforcement and government officials in the investigation and persecution of the crime.

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