Tell Me How it Ends p.55-108

Valeria Luiselli, Mexican journalist and author of the book Tell Me How It Ends argues that the U.S names the children crossing the border from Mexico are not “illegal” but are “refugees of a war” (p.90). In the last two chapters Luiselli points out how the only true way to be granted asylum as a child is to have a story where a gang has inflicted harm, you have been abused, or have performed excruciating hours of labor. Not only that but the child must also show evidence of harm or persecution as it relates to their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion. She also goes on to say that almost all of the stories slowly blend together with different outcomes and if the kids can’t prove they are fleeing persecution then their case isn’t strong enough and will most likely be deported.

            The story of Manu is then brought up and how his story is an example what most young boys face and the reason why they cross the border, to flee from the gangs in Mexico. His case was one of the strongest because he had evidence of the complaint he filed to the police, his friend being killed in front of him and the bruises. The only issue left with Manu was what was the purpose of fleeing from the gangs in Mexico if those same gangs were at the schools? Luiselli states that there isn’t a solution to the problem if the same thing he was running from him was waiting for him in the U.S. In her concluding pages, Luiselli says the reason people go through the bad factors of living in the U.S is because they wanted to “arrive” and I think that this means that the people who cross would rather have a situation go from worse to bad than for it to just be nothing.  

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