Black and Blue

I think that race does affect one’s disposition in a city because if you are seen as a threat depending on your skin, you will never feel comfortable. The narrator of this story talks about growing up in Jamaica and how walking was a favorite pass time because he could avoid his harsh living conditions. He did know of the dangers of walking in his hometown was of just gang related activity nothing more nothing less but when moving to New Orleans and New York, for him to be walking at night opened the door to being harassed by multiple people including police based on his skin. While in New Orleans he had to become accustomed to walking with a purpose and to change how others viewed him; changing the way he dressed, and being more aware of his actions such as turning around too fast. By doing this he felt that he was putting other people at ease when in reality it was just raising the suspicion from cops. While in New York, the purpose of walking to escape and enjoy walking became strictly walking with a purpose or having friends walk with you, which destroyed his purpose of it since he didn’t have any actual time to himself.  He also starts to say that he becomes distant from the city he actually lives in due to having to alter himself so others can feel calm and by doing this, no place is actually home for him other than Jamaica.

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