Common Book Comparison Source

I chose to use the movie, Under the Same Moon as comparison for Tell Me How it Ends by Luiselli. The movie centers round a 9 year old boy planning on crossing the border to be reunited with his mother. He lives with his grandmother in Mexico until she dies in her sleep and with the fear of his “uncle” taking him away to work, money, a picture of his mother, and the address of her P.O box he takes off. Along the way he has to run from the police in fears of deportation and staying away from potential dangers of gang life. Meanwhile back in the U.S, his mother, Rosario faces challenges of finding a new job after being fired, she also faces injustice when her “boss” doesn’t pay her then taunts her current legal status of being “illegal”.

However when she discovers that Carlitos is missing she begins to embark on her own journey to find him knowing of the dangers that could happen to him. Rosario bgins to think of fast ways to be granted citizenship and almost marries a friend that worked in the same neighborhood she used to work at. But 5 minutes before he walks the aisle, she can’t bring herself to do it due to marriage being too valuable to be used for citizenship.  With the help of Carlitos’ new friend Enrique, he is able to reunite with his mother however the movie never tells the audience if Rosario ever went through the process of becoming a legal citizen.

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