“Lovely Hula Hands”

According to Trask, tourism is considered the modern Colonialism because of people disregarding the actual culture and instead commercialize it. Not only is Hawaii used as a “getaway” or vacation spot but with the increase in tourism, Hawaii loses it’s actual value of the Native people by people building more hotels and eventually forcing the Native people out. Statistics show that currently in Hawaii, tourists outnumber residents by a 6 to 1 ratio. People gravitate towards Hawaii due to how it’s presented to us in the media; tv shows, films, gameshows.  With landowners and corporations using Hawaii as a key vacation spot and sexualizing the culture of the Natives, they diminish the importance and show no respect to the culture also showing that they simply don’t care for the people who’s culture they are commercializing. I think most tourists are not aware because they haven’t been exposed to the cruelty the Natives of Hawaii have faced. It’s easier for American visitors to disregard the struggles of a community if there is a benefit to the visitor and the amount of money being involved. By glorifying Hawaii and the people it is rational on why most visitors aren’t aware of the harm they are causing because most people think of how a situation affects them over how it affects other people.

Henrico Expansion and Why

A list of the main reasons made by Michael Paul Williams:

1.   tear down boundaries

2. the public transit systems correlates with race

3.  there’s more benefits having it expanded

4.  the change in people moving in and out of city should bring opportunities to expand the transit

The counter argument would be being able to satisfy all racial groups without “white flight” being something that results in this expansion