The City and the City

Throughout reading the book, we find more information on Breach and its policies I technically don’t feel as if it’s morally justifiable. I feel this way because I think solving crimes would be easier and the amount of pressure on the two city’s citizens is unnecessary. By simply ignoring people who not only need help but it seems like the characters have to go through a full blown circle to find an answer. I liked the plot line but as I grew closer to the ending I begin to get frustrated with the fact that the reads don’t actually know the history between Beszel and Ul Qoma nor are we ever able to understand why they are separated. I know that Beszel was considered to be poorer than Ul Qoma but where were the two cities getting their funding from? Throughout the whole book I assumed that Breach was Orciny or Orciny was against Breach somehow and existed just for it to false which was a good plot twist however, I feel like things weren’t explained in full. I feel that Mahalia was killed unnecessarily as well as Yolanda because of the play of distrusting the infamous Breach when  in reality it was a Professor trying to make money off of selling artifacts.

Berlin Wall

I think that if I lived in East Berlin while the wall was being constructed I would most likely try to cross the wall somehow someway, and if I couldn’t I would continue to try to get information on West Berlin and how to fight the war against communism. Now that I think about it, I probably would’ve not only been arrested but most likely spied on due to my non- support of communism. I just can’t see myself “siding” with a government that could easily turn into a dictatorship and invoke fear into their citizens due to having a free mind and wanting a life without heavy government influence. However if I lived in West Berlin I would be waiting on the other side of the wall to assist people who have crossed the wall successfully to live a life free of communism. I would have most likely given my home up to shelter for the refugees and help them obtain legal documents so that they could make a life in West Berlin.  I just feel that if I know I could help someone escape a life they don’t want to live and them have a sense of freedom I will without a doubt risk it.