Berlin Wall

I think that if I lived in East Berlin while the wall was being constructed I would most likely try to cross the wall somehow someway, and if I couldn’t I would continue to try to get information on West Berlin and how to fight the war against communism. Now that I think about it, I probably would’ve not only been arrested but most likely spied on due to my non- support of communism. I just can’t see myself “siding” with a government that could easily turn into a dictatorship and invoke fear into their citizens due to having a free mind and wanting a life without heavy government influence. However if I lived in West Berlin I would be waiting on the other side of the wall to assist people who have crossed the wall successfully to live a life free of communism. I would have most likely given my home up to shelter for the refugees and help them obtain legal documents so that they could make a life in West Berlin.  I just feel that if I know I could help someone escape a life they don’t want to live and them have a sense of freedom I will without a doubt risk it.

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