English as an official language?

I don’t necessarily think that English should be the “official” language of the United States because of how culturally diverse we are as a nation. We are called the “melting pot” so what sense would it make to ignore the languages of others and make English the “official” one. We already have made it known in schools that you have to know English but it shouldn’t be something official, especially if we know that some people are learning making efforts and there are translators present in situations. I agree that the people supporting making English the “official” language of the U.S does come across as racist because it’s insensitive to ignore the different cultures that make up the U.S. If the need to have an official language is that important in today’s society then it needs to be more than 1 language because of the different regions and different residents we have. We simply don’t need one due to the fact there everywhere you go, you have to speak English or have an interpreter. Besides English is actually a very hard language to learn and understand so why put someone through that just so they can feel “welcome” in our society. We need to be more open minded and aware that not all Americans only speak English.

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