I think the picture is showing that when you are aware of how powerful you are and aren’t second guessing yourself you become the leader you always wanted to be. Growing up we not only look at our parents as our role models but celebrities and  athletes and hold them to a high standard when in reality we seem to forget about ourselves needing to be role models for ourselves. We grow and learn from past mistakes to mold and shape us into the people we are today which is why I think this picture is showing the effects of how a mindset can make or break you and your character. Social classes effect your self awareness by you feeling as if you don’t belong or aren’t good enough if you just so happen to be in a lower social class. But compared to people of a higher social class not only are they self aware but they know of their influence on other people. They not only feel more important but they also know of their impact in contrast to someone in a lower social class.  I think that it’s important to promote positive self awareness for the younger generations so they know and can feel powerful.

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