Social and Economic Segregation in the cities

I didn’t know that some white southerners took a liking towards African Americans from the first video. I know of the horrors of the Nazis and Hitler and the mistreatment of the Jews but I know that if it was an African American male to do the same, he’d be dead by nightfall. The first video made me uncomfortable due to how I know how many African Americans are sexualized by other races so hearing that they were intrigued and liked African Americans scared me in all honesty. It’s scary because you know that the curiosity is stemming from something else; the thrill of being with an African American or “sleeping” with one to know the experience and it’s frightening because I know that most of the slaves were raped on a day to day basis by their slaveowners, there was no such thing a love but a thing of “destroying” our hope and dignity.

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