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“Discovery” Summary

Submit three exhibitions of progress that demonstrate active engagement with the research materials. Create a store with three sections for different sources. 1. Intention to use (“Purchases”). 2. considering (“In the Buggy”). 3. reviewed but not entirely suitable (“On the Shelf”). The demands of the inquiry question will determine the number of sources that will be needed. Quality of research progress will be assessed by series of reflective questions. Specific directions for the Exhibitions of Progress will be provided a week before each deadline. Each exhibition of progress is worth five points.

Compose a draft with a supported answer for the inquiry question. It must be multimodal including the linguistic mode, and 1250-1500 words. It must include in-text citations and a bibliography. Due 5 p.m. Wednesday March 8. Submit project as a page titled “The Prelim” under “Formal Process Work”.

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