Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Corruption seems prevalent in governments across the world. In the United States, we are tempted to believe that we are immune from this practice; however, the current state of our politics has shown symptoms of deep rooted corruption. It seems difficult to believe, but the widespread corruption that is taking place in government is the natural consequence of  Dahrendorf’s Imperatively Coordinated Associations. These associations are the root of government.

Though the government in the US is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people”, the lack of participation in government by a majority of Americans has created an environment where the interest of those in power can be maintained. The political agendas of the powerful are passed as the American public is bamboozled by arbitrary issues such as abortion, marriage, and religion. We have knowingly surrendered our civil liberties to perpetuate an illusion of freedom funded by consumerism.  Not only have the economic policies of the Imperatively Coordinated Associations continued to widen the gap of income distribution in the United States, they have also made us the largest nation of incarceration.

A prime example of this corruption was a case involving juveniles being convicted of crimes because the judge received financial incentives to convict and send children to a correctional program. Unfortunately, this is not the only example of this type of corruption. So why aren’t we more outraged that our justice system, the very system that is supposed to protect us from corruption is corrupt? Because media, the Justice Department, local lawmakers, all know the unsettling truth, the financial web of corruption prevents justice from being served.  The Geo Group, the second largest provider of private prisons, has contributed over 4 million dollars in campaign funding. The relationships of U.S. government and major corporations seem clandestine; however, the information is available to the public, we just choose not to care. Part of this is due to the planned distractions of those in the Imperatively Coordinated Associations, infringing on our freedom is fine just don’t raise the cost of our TiVo.

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  1. First and foremost, commenting on this was incredibly difficult, your background choice, while pretty, makes reading your site incredibly difficult.

    Anyway, I almost did Disney because I too find them absolutely terrifying. I love disney, a lot, but why do they need ESPN and all these other major news sources? Walt Disney is actually still cryogenicly (sp?) frozen in case we ever figure out how to bring people back from the dead (which is terrifying).

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