Miss Ogyny, My Girl or Boy

When I think of misogyny, my mind immediately understands this through LGBT issues. What really makes me draw this correlation is the term gay. The very use of the word gay, shows the latent misogyny embedded in culture. Gay formerly was a word for happy or ornamental. So, why and how did it become a definition of sexuality? The word itself shows an aversion to qualities that are considered feminine.

When men demonstrated effeminate characteristics, this term was used as slander. This slanderous term, further led to the development of the machismo persona. If we look at this from Chafetz’ perspective, we can understand this from the manipulation of intrapsychic structures by social learning. It is not ingrained in human nature to specifically identify all behaviors divided by gender. We all must prepare food to eat; but, machismo culture believes women must be the primary bearers of this responsibility.

Kudos, to the LGBT community for reclaiming the slanderous term as a badge of pride and identity; unfortunately, this impression management is not immune to misogyny. An artist that touches on the complex roles of gender identity and the misogyny that affects the LGBT community is Mykki Blanco. Mykki Blanco is a rapper that happens to be a member of the LGBT community. He has been known to perform dressed as a woman; his style is difficult to categorize in this age of cookie cutter performers. Blanco’s work is pushing the limits of genres, race, class, religion, and gender. And while I am pleased with Blanco’s work, I still feel the remnants of misogyny, the hyper-sexualization, the emphasis on appearance, the language; these are all still characteristics of the oppressors, and despite my appreciation, I still cringe just a tad. My cringe is not disapproval instead, it is the infinite sadness in knowing more must be done to eradicate the oppression of misogyny, race, and class. Only the future will be able to determine if the intentional change proposed from artists like Mykki Blanco will be effective.

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