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Korn, Kim C. and Pine B. Joseph II. “The Typology of Human Capability:  A New Guide to Rethinking the Potential for Digital Experience Offerings” CreativeAdvantage. Creative Advantage Inc., n.d. Web. 22 Jul. 2014.

This article by Kim Korn, which is directed toward business organizations trying to get ahead with technology, actually serves as a perfect springboard for my research as a whole. The article discusses the ‘Typology of Human Capability’ which endeavors to categorize humans capabilities and explain how technology, specifically digital technology, extends those capabilities. My aim in my inquiry is to explore these extensions and what they mean. This article does not quite do that but it provides a perfect framework to shape my research and break down the complexity into simple parts.

The authors of this article break down human capabilities into four basic categories: Sensing, Performing, Organizing, and Linking.

Typology of Human Capability


They have also split these categories up in between connecting and doinggroup and individual. All of these categories refer to the ways in which in the presence of digital technology, our capabilities are extended. Having this framework to refer back to throughout my research will allow me to discuss in detail how technology affects us in different ways and leaves us with something more than what we started.

This should look familiar –

What’s Unique about Digital Technology
In 1984, pioneering computer scientist Alan Kay recognized the unique power of the computer’s digital technology to embody what he identified as ”the first metamedium, and as such it has degrees of freedom for representation and expression never before encountered and as yet barely investigated.”(4)” 

My research overlaps with much of the courses content that we have already been made familiar with, Alan Kay is a familiar name and along with that we have had several readings that refer to the ways in which digital technology will enable us to do more than we ever dreamed of doing.

When it comes to putting the framework into practice, the authors have this to say

Second, discern the way and the relative magnitude that sensing, linking, organizing, and performing have each been extended, amplified, or enriched by the innovation. What does this reveal about the essence of the value created? Specifically, how does this innovation change how an individual or group connects with or affects the world around them? How does the value created in one dimension relate to another?

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of how I will use the typology to discuss and break down how certain technologies affect our capabilities and where they leave us to stand in a before and after scenario. The article already begins to discuss the monumental impact digital technology has had on our ability to perform as well as reaching into a whole new realm of possibilities such as seeing things we have never been able to see before. (GPS, etc.) It will serve as the skeleton of my inquiry when it comes to understanding the difference that is made by employing digital technology.

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