Because of technology booming, it is becoming easier for hackers to hack computer softwares, give viruses, attack and what not; Cybercrime keeps growing and because of this, laws should begin updating due to our changing society (Hopefully, we learn how the laws have been changing based on all of these technological crimes that are high on rise).

After 9/11 happened, it has totally changed the way for the United States as to how to incorporate more security for not only security for people but the most important, how to protect our hardware and software systems in America from viruses, worms, and all the internet and infrastructure hackings. In the textbook it mentioned the attempts for protecting the country. To name a couple that I know are, For example, after 9/11 happened, to increase more security, The United States Department of Homeland Security was founded to have more control over territories and technologies. Another thing that was founded after the 9/11 attacks was the Homeland Security degree. I took the Homeland security 101 course here at VCU and it was all about terrorism, America’s measures that they use to keep America protected, if an emergency occurs, how to plan for those, communication properly, all of the legal aspects, and what not: I learned the very basic general information but i’m sure if i were to minor or major in Homeland security, I would go more into depth about everything. that Also, in our Criminal justice courses we have been exposed to discussions of 9/11 attacks and at first we weren’t really open to discussing it and now we can openly discuss about it in classes.


In chapter 2, The Chinese Perspective section stuck out to me because I remember how I keep hearing in the news these days that softwares in certain companies have been getting hacked by China lately. China is actually trying to incorporate information warfare in their military trainings. China has started trying to put together special hacking stuff to get on the United States systems.

I read an article about how China hacked the US national security details. Ever since these attacks have happened, Homeland security is trying its best to find better ways to protect the Pentagon’s and US government’s databases. It was also mentioned in the article how all the hacking and stuff has been continually an issue and been happening over time.

In my personal opinion, America needs to desperately figure out ways on how to protect their database systems, softwares, and what not from other countries who have attacked! Because, I feel like if they can find a way to protect their system, then with that being said, the high statistics of online crimes may hopefully go down. I also think that creating homeland security degree and the department itself was a very good idea because I feel like it brought a little improvements in our security system. Now, we need to figure out how we can get rid of all the common crimes that happen online and spreading awareness on how to stay safe on the internet.



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