This week, Chapter 3 and 4 were explanations about why individuals do the crimes and deeply explaining hackers. The theories that were talked about were, choice theory, deterrence theory, psychological theories, social structure theories, social process theories, subculture theories and political theories and a lot of other theories that I did not mention.


Now, from the psychological perspective of why people commit crimes, my personal reasoning behind that it is the individual whose thinking and emotions is an influence in their actions. As such, problems in thinking can lead to criminal behavior. Crimes can happen due to psychological development didn’t happen properly, an individual’s exposure to aggression and violence, personality traits inheritance, and mental illness.


From my previous Criminal Justice courses about cyber crime and the computer forensics, I have personally learned that it is psychological issues. For example, there is a show called CATFISH on MTV and it’s about two guys who help people figure out the real people that they actually have been talking to online and majority of the stories on there is about people who feel insecure about themselves and use/steal other people’s pictures online that they think where the people look attractive and use their pictures as theirs and act like its them. I think there has to be something mentally wrong with a person to behave in such a manner.


Another example was from another class where I read about a little girl who committed suicide over this “guy” who I think first lied her or something and out of no where started cursing her out and stuff and lowered her self-esteem to the point that that girl committed suicide. The “guy” was not a real guy; it was one of that girl’s ex best friend’s mother who staged the whole thing. That woman went to the majorly utmost high levels to bring pain to that girl’s life. In this situation, I think that the woman could’ve had a personality trait inheritance.


Psychological theorists think that it is moral development and personality disorders that affect pedophiles. Majority of the time, for pedophiles, they had a rough childhood, or some type of rough event happened to them, which makes them commit these types of online crimes.


Social structure theory is a lack of economic structure and social process theory an explanation of why an individual may commit and the skills learned from their life to commit them.


Because of technology booming today in our society and it still continues to grow and develop, a lot of hacking has been happening and it is also a danger and threat to everyone because it can weaken businesses financially.

In conclusion, everyone should be aware and awareness should be spread about how hackers hack. It was mentioned some where in chapter 3 or 4 that we should learn differences between a cyber criminal and a hacker. Not only raise awareness, but also bring this attention especially to children so they know and are aware so they think twice and stay safe on the internet.



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