Altaf Hussain – Politician of Pakistan and Money launderer

This week, we read Chapters 5 and 6. In chapter 5, it talked about how technology is advancing and how it is creating and doing big things in the world that we live in. To be specific, because technology is advancing there are many ways now to catch criminals and it has gotten easier. Not only has technology gotten easier for professionals to catch criminals, it has also opened many doors to cyber crimes or what was mentioned in the book “cyber actors.” As life goes on, obviously, technology will continue to improve and run faster. And as mentioned in the textbook, “Technology will continue to evolve to meet the global demand for faster results, more power, ever-expanding electronic commerce, and social networking…” (Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism 121). Because all of this will continue to expand and grow, it gives criminals even more ways to do cyber crimes “cyber act” in the near future. The growth of technology has given cybercriminals more ways, ideas, and methods when it comes to infecting computer systems and taking over them at any level. Criminals are starting to plot and work together and hack everything.


In chapter 6, there were five major criminal offenses that were mentioned. They were, embezzlement, money laundering, corporate espionage, identity crimes, and fraud. Money laundering and embezzlement have been wide spread because there’s so much technology that has given the opportunity to do both of these crimes.


For example, I watched a Pakistani drama that was about Money laundering. This guy was shown as the richest guy ever. They showed him as the most powerful man because he was very smart and knew how to launder the money. He kept two to three different accounts. And, he kept one like regular normal account and the two to three other accounts were filled with money he laundered. The reason why I share this story is because through out the drama it showed how smart he was and how he was able to get rid of all the evidence with ease so no one could even find out that he was laundering money. Towards the end, it showed him transferring all his money to other accounts in different countries when he knew he was about to be caught. Again, I mention this because people who do cyber crimes or even pair up/partner up to do these type of things are very smart and they know how to get rid of evidence real easily. Also, in the book it was mentioned that there are two reasons why money laundering is easier it’s because of electronic funds and they are easier to hide due to anonymity and the second one is the advent of cashless banking systems. Also, I think that as technology keeps advancing, no matter what, there are always going to be cyber crimes, we just have to spread awareness and try to keep safe as much as possible.


I think out of chapter 5 and 6 the main thing that I learned about and stuck with me was money laundering. I read an article and also learned when I was in Pakistan that the politicians of Pakistan are involved in money laundering. I read an article about one of the Pakistan politicians named Altaf Hussain who is on trial in the UK for money laundering. British police had been investigating on this since 2012 and found money laundering claims over him.





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