This week, we read chapter 7 and it was about different types of viruses and malicious coding. The section that stuck out to me the most was the explanations about the viruses and other malware.


Viruses and malware programs are usually written for advertisements, jokes, and political messages however; it can also be used for malicious things like ruining data and information, information acquisition and identity theft, surreptitious control of a remote machine, or shutting down of a business or website.


I read an article about a malware attack on the applications store (wow, I think I’m actually surprised to hear about this). Basically, what happened was that many apps got a malware that was XcodeGhost (it was embedded in the applications), which is a lot of malicious software that got through apple’s security stuff. Due to this, Apple had to remove about 300 some applications from their app store. Chinese applications were putting all information about users to hackers.


What is Xcodeghost? It’s a new iOS malware that comes from malicious version of Xcode, which is Apple’s tool that develops iOS and OS X apps.


China basically, made apps by Xcode IDE and then put them in the app store and they were infected


Applications that get infected with XcodeGhost malware can get your personal information about devices and what not and that can upload data to command and control servers run by attackers. The type of information the attackers can get are the following: current time, current infected app’s name, the app’s bundle identifier, current device’s name and type, current system’s language and country, current device’s UUID, and Network type. So, be careful with your Apple devices when opening applications.


Chinese developers were basically hacking into Apple’s application stores and downloading and infecting the applications. I thought it was weird to find out about apple getting infected by malicious malware because if I remember correctly, I never bought “Fire wall” for any of my apple technologies because I had heard from somewhere that it is hard to hack Apple applications and technologies. I guess it isn’t hard to hack Apple. I guess with technology booming and upgrading its self rapidly, hackers find new and improved ways and figure out how to hack many different things.


In our textbook, it said that the security of a system can be manipulated enough for a malware writer to comprehend the operating system and can ruin the security and the coding systems. And, when the coding has been hacked into and ruined, the number of targets that ruined the system figures out the max outbreak. Obviously, in order for the virus to ruin the system, the virus has to be strong enough to spread.


So, in order for Chinese users to attack apple application stores hardcore, they had to create a strong malicious malware coding to spread and hit hard so then that way, they could hack and download applications from the app store from America and also after they had hacked and downloaded all the apps they needed, I think they added strong viruses to infect the applications so for example, if I were to open an application that virus would hurt my apple devices that I have.





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