This week, wee read chapter 8 and chapter 8 was about sex crimes, victimization, and obscenity on the World Wide Web.


This chapter went over exploitation, stalking, and obscenity on the Internet. Victimizations also happen online. This includes threats, mean and rude comments, intimations, and threatening media online. The main people that are victims of this are women and children. In my personal opinion on this matter and personal experience from studying women studies, I agree that it is women that are victims but also young girls that also become the victims due to our society treating women and young girls as objects in the media and society. The reason I say this is because in one of my women studies class, we did a research on women in porn and I remember that I saw this one video of a woman being tied up and just being used very inappropriately.


In the textbook it said that the young children are more likely to be victims of sexual and obscene material and view them as well. I think it is because their parents are not keeping track of what their children are doing online. And also because children are naive at this young age and want to explore a little bit on what is out there on the web and when they do that, they run into these types of situations. The textbook also said that it is mostly white males around the ages of 18 and 35 that are the major offenders. Also, children in my opinion are scared to report to their parents because they think that they are going to get in trouble for whatever they are doing online.


The part of the chapter that stuck out to me the most was The “New” Child Pornographers section. I think that pornography is a scary topic to discuss but I remember when I was in high school and sexting and pornography was a “thing” a huge “thing” to be involved in. I remember this one girl who sent a photo to her boyfriend after they broke up, they sent the photo around to everyone’s phone and eventually that photo got back at the vice principal’s phone. He first, heard rumors about the sexting and naked picture but at first didn’t take it seriously until it ended up on his phone. Then, he tried to do research on it and during that research he got caught having those photos on his phone and police thought that he had involvement in the whole pornography scandal happening at the school.


In this case, the ex boyfriend who had the naked pictures of his ex girlfriend was used for blackmail. In the textbook there were several reasons for child pornography use and one of the reason in this situation was to blackmail the girlfriend. The girlfriend was probably scared to confront her parents and tell them that she made a dumb mistake which resulted in that dumb mistake become a huge deal in the high school. If she ‘d told her parents, it would have not reached far. Like mentioned, children are naïve at the teens age therefore, results in stupid things happening like pornography.

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