This week, I wanted to talk about cyber bullying due to the fact that I personally witnessed cyber bullying happen at the University this week. Cyber bullying not only can happen through the computer but it can also be via text message, e-mailing and what not. Not only that, If the cyber bullying goes to extremes and the other person who knows how to hack computers, go through data bases and what not, they can easily go through the computer and grab your personal information!


Personally, in the group: I saw that some girl’s boyfriend was messaging that girl’s ex threatening him saying rude things and to tell him to back off his girlfriend (because that girlfriend lied saying that her ex keeps trying to get in contact with her). That person did some cyber stalking about that guy before texting him rude things! These days, it is so easy to find other people’s information because of the technology advancements happening. Not only has the internet been advancing but also, our gadgets as in car, kitchen appliances, security systems, and what not are advancing which means that it is easier for a hacker or even a cyber bully to hack and figure out things about you! I was not shocked at all when I had heard what happened due to the point that I am currently taking this course and realizing and learning how these days it is so easy to obtain information, hack the data base, IP addresses, and not to mention, if you’re a smart hacker, knowing how to go back into the browser/database to figure out the person’s steps of how they use their laptops and stuff.


Also, not to mention, cyber bullying can mentally hurt another human being! People do not realize how it can hurt a person’s self-esteem and bring that person down, making them feel very badly about themselves! From personal experience, when someone bashes you openly online or “flirts” with you and toys with your feelings, and afterwards finding out that it was all staged and a lie, it really hurts a person. You do not know what that person is going through in their life personally. And, if you start messing with that person and playing with them online or even bullying them, it hurts that person even more which leads to the person feeling very down, lowly, depressed about themselves.   At the same time, our whole entire world is linked with the World Wide Web so, this type of stuff is bound to happen unless we do not try to raise awareness and try to stop it ourselves.


I have even seen people finding there significant others on the Internet, ending up “dating” for a while and then getting married and then finding out how the person is actually is! Has anyone ever heard of the show “90 Day Fiancé?” it is about people finding their significant others online, getting engaged via online then applying for their visas to come to them! This is just one example of the whole dating online game in different countries.




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