Blog 10: Final Blog!

For this final blog, I wanted to write about how I am graduating in 2 weeks and all together what I learned personally from the CRJS 450 class. I just wanted to make a fun and interesting blog. I learned that no matter what information that you may think that you have deleted permanently that […]

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Blog 9: Chapter 13

This week, we read chapter 13 and we read about digital forensics analysis and its made to showcase the elements of a crime in evidence from stored digital materials. a forensic analyst is asked the following questions when in court about the evidence (as stated in the textbook): When restoring a backup to another machine, […]

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Blog 8: Chapter 11

This week, we read chapter 11, I learned about how there are many roles and responses to the new and growing threats because of computer crimes and terrorism. Federal agencies have responded to these threats by adding secret service, department of justice, federal bureau of investigation, the national security agency, the federal trade commission, the […]

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