For this final blog, I wanted to write about how I am graduating in 2 weeks and all together what I learned personally from the CRJS 450 class. I just wanted to make a fun and interesting blog.

I learned that no matter what information that you may think that you have deleted permanently that it’s gone: It isn’t gone! computer people know how to bring back all the information by recovering it. Computer criminals who know how to hack that I personally learned ¬†are majority of the time very tech savvy and know how to cover their evidence and protect themselves very easily.

Be careful and think double triple times before posting anything online! anyone can use that information against you or dig further in to find out about you personally (if, you have a crazy stalker after you). Especially, do not post very personal information about yourself!

Throughout the semester, I became a little bit more familiar and gained more knowledge and information of how Department of homeland security was started in 2003 and U.S. immigration board and customs protection. I think, personally, at first i did not know what I wanted to put my Criminal justice degree to use and after going through this class, I think I want to apply to The Department of Homeland Security and also the U.S. Immigration board and customs protection departments. However, I have no clue what the look for as, I have no experience in criminal justice and will be looking for a job in criminal justice but with no experience with my degree. I have more experience in sales and retail than criminal justice. However, lets see what happens!

Throughout this course, I also learned the general knowledge/descriptions how in general compute forensic try to solve and crack cyber crimes. At first, I thought I was able to apply to jobs in all technological jobs and fraud and all that but after researching, I cannot apply unless i have some type of computer certifications or a degree in something in computers. All the knowledge I learned over all about computers in this course and throughout my bachelors career is just general knowledge for us to know about the technological side of the criminal justice system to like basically to try to explain that not only is there crime happening out on the streets but it is also happening via the world wide web.

Also, through out the semester, we learned about many laws that have been put into place for cyber crimes and how the U.S. has taken a stand to try to make an effort to eliminate crime as much as possible.

As technology keeps advancing, virtual crimes will continue to grow rapidly no matter what and what we can do is try to decrease it as much as possible by hiring more people with computer degrees that know how to hack, recover information, tracking, and what not! Over time, in my personal opinion, I think we are going to have to improve the criminal justice degree by adding a section where we are going to have to lets say for example finish computer certifications before graduating on hacking and what not and we can easily use them.

All in all, it was an excellent class. I enjoyed it, Thank you for everything. This is me, exiting.


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