How do people take advantage of the common good?

The common good is assisting others when a person needs it or you could say when a person does the right thing for someone else. For example, some people post a GoFundMe online about how they need financial help and people sometimes either give them money or bring food to help them. But some people may take advance of it. For instance, a show on Hulu, called The Act, is based on a true story. It is about a girl, named Gypsy, who supposedly suffers from many conditions. So she does not have any hair and she cannot walk. She can talk but not very clearly. It turns out that her mother, Dee Dee, is forcing her to act like she has all of these conditions. Her mother even lied to her about her birthdate. Also, Dee Dee made her get a feeding tube so Gypsy gets fed from the tube. The mother manipulated her daughter to believe that this was all true. The mom and daughter get many donations from neighbors and strangers. Also, they even got a house built for them for free. Her mother just uses all of the donation money for herself and she enjoys people feeling sorry for her. I will not finish telling the story because I would be spoiling it for others. I am sure there are many more stories like this. Even with knowing this story, I still do believe that the common good is a great thing to have in this world. I think everyone should be doing the common good.

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