Forever a Youtuber ~ Inquiry Project #1


When I was little I thought that by the time I was 20 I would be able to communicate holographically like they did in Star Wars. Although technology hasn’t quite reached that yet, it has come pretty darn close. I can now go online and in about 30 seconds look up a video of a cat playing the piano or a tutorial on how to put a bike rake on your bike.  Youtube is basically Mary Poppin’s bag with unlimited information and videos for my every need.


I am a visual learner. It helps me so much to physically see someone go through motions so the information can sink in quicker. Videos do a wonderful job of giving the feeling of being included with whatever the person is doing. Youtube not only provides the video but also a forum to comment and message the creators of the video in case you have questions or just want to talk to them. Because of this easy communication access Youtube has an abundance of tutorials, which means that whenever I am troubled with something I can search a “how to and 99% of the time find a video explaining the answer to my problem.

Youtube is also a blossoming place for expression. Anyone can upload a video no matter how weird it may seem. This is how most “Youtube Stars” become popular. They randomly decided to upload a video that soon becomes seen by thousands of people. There are funny videos, artistic videos, educational videos, and a ton of pet videos for entertainment. Some Youtubers even transform their hobby to a career through Youtube. I think that Youtube is a wonderful place where dreams come reality.

Even if you are not making videos daily or for fun, you can still create an account to watch, comment or even upload an occasional video for a class you might be taking. The options are endless!

My favorite Youtube videos are surprisingly educational videos about marine biology and sea creatures. I chose to further my education in art but marine biology and ocean sea creatures have always been a passion of mine and it is wonderful that I can still get my daily dose of whales even if I am not going to school for it.

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When I was searching through other blog posts relating to social media, I found Just an average guy who talked about lurking. He named a couple of forums that he passes by on and it occurred to me that 95% of the users are on youtube are lurkers. People passing by who tend to stumble on videos leaving no trace that they were there. Youtube doesn’t require that you ever post a video, comment, or even subscribe to anyone and still grants you access to the millions of videos on there.

A perfect place to lurk, my friend.

On a different note MorganaBritt wrote about how tumblr helped her create places on the internet to help express herself. Although it is not youtube, it still can connect with the idea of just finding a place where you can put yourself out there and receive support. Youtube and Tumblr both are social media sites that when you put hard work in, it can pay off and can create a great following.


2 thoughts on “Forever a Youtuber ~ Inquiry Project #1”

  1. I clicked the top image — thinking it was a link to a youtube video! woops! Love the analogy of YouTube being like Mary Poppin’s bag : )
    So you use YouTube — do you have an account? Do you ever comment on videos? Have you ever posted a video? Do you just find what you need and leave? I want to hear more!
    Do you think viewing videos is the same as lurking?
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  2. Very cool idea for your final project. If you haven’t already been made aware of this, you should research the major deal YouTube recently made with the recording industry. My knowledge of the subject is very limited, but YouTube apparently signed a deal that will make it very hard for independent artists to post on YouTube to the prolific extent that they have been able to in the past. Definitely sounds like it would be worth looking into for your project.

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