Augmenting Human Intellect~~~Nugget #3

Augmenting Human Intellect by Douglas Engelbart was a very long and complicated article that took awhile to read and especially comprehend. It took me a couple of tries to gather my thoughts and actually feel confident expressing my ideas about this nugget post. After careful analyzing I decided to pick this nugget from the article…

“But an active research effort, aimed at exploring and evaluating possible integrated changes throughout the repertoire hierarchy, could greatly accelerate this evolutionary process. The research effort could guide the product development of new artifacts toward taking long-range meaningful steps; simultaneously competitively minded individuals who would respond to demonstrated methods for achieving greater personal effectiveness would create a market for the more radical equipment innovations. The guided evolutionary process could be expected to be considerably more rapid than the traditional one.”

I choose this article because I felt like it had the most connection and relevancy to what we are doing in our class right now. As we set up our diigo accounts and start linking in our explored research from the web, connections started flowing in to this particular nugget.

I believe that we are doing active research like  what Engelbart was explaining in this quote. The more research and effort we put in to finding sources the more accelerated and evolved our ideas for the inquiry project will be. As Engelbart was saying previously in the article, “artifacts” are a big part of evolving ideas and sorting through complex problems. In this case the “artifacts” are the sources we find on the internet. We can find these sources ourselves or our peers can find them. Keeping an open mind and absorbing new information will only benefit our thought process and provide a better outcome in the long run.

Going back to previous articles that we have read in this class, I feel like this would be a great representation of man working with the computer to provide the best possible result. We are very lucky to have so much information right at our fingertips, but as we know it doesn’t just come automatically. We ourselves need to sort and navigate through all the information and different websites to find what is relevant and useful to our specific needs. Putting forth this effort helps evolve our ideas like Engelbart explains but also it uses the internet and technology for there original intent.



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