Working on my voice…

“A main disagreement that I have seen while researching my topic, would be more or less considered the blame game. There are a lot of different opinions out there about who is responsible for cyber bullying, internet harassment, and cat-fishing that have created an outcome of different mental illnesses that could even result into suicide. Obviously these are big problems that need to be addressed   but I have not really found a common theme about whether it is the users fault, the websites fault, or the supervisors fault. It seems like everyone has information and facts that support what they believe is right. This makes it a little hard sometimes to establish black and white fact from stretched opinions.”

For right now, this is the voice that seems to come most naturally to me. Some questions I have are..

Is it okay if I use first person?

I will try to incorporate specific articles and quotes on my beta draft as well as acknowledge them correctly so beside the absence is it okay if my voice is relaxed like this paragraph? or should I try to stray away from slang or phrases?

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  1. I think its totally OK if you use first person. The whole “don’t say I thing because we know you wrote this” rule is a load of shit. Yes the reader knows you wrote it, but being forced to change your language to appease that group of people ends up creating weird stuff like “One may think that XXXX….” When you just want to say “I think that”. Not to mention it seems very pompous on top of that, like who ever is trying not to say stuff in the first person is above everyone else and trying to deny being a human.

    When I do use “I” “ME” and other first person stuff sometimes i do find myself over doing it though so watch out for that. You know you’ll be writing then realize that you said I like 6 times in a sentence, which is kinda sloppy.

    I really don’t have an issue with how relaxed it is, but i am also pretty much the least formal person i have seen on these Univ 200 blogs. So uh… yea take that with a grain of salt
    As for the slang, do remember that this assignment is made for the internet and an overwhelming majority of people will know what your saying. Theres limits to how slangy you can get before it becomes tedious to read but you have be deliberately trying to get to that point of saturation.

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