Reflective Essay

Throughout the course of this semester I have learned a lot of new things in this Focused Inquiry class, as well as made a lot of new friends. One of my biggest accomplishments thus far is being able to give presentations in front of the class. At the beginning of the semester I couldn’t even take my eyes off my paper and now I am able to successfully give a presentation and make eye contact with my audience. Although I know there is still room for improvement I am glad I’ve made the changes I have and I am excited to see how much further I can get in UNIV 112. I have learned how to use my resources such as the VCU database along with the wonderful librarians at the library. I have gained better knowledge about how to write a proper essay. With the help of my professor I was able to learn how to properly write an argument essay which was the essay I struggled with the most. This class has also allowed me to learn about new tools such as the writing center and I look forward to visiting this place on campus more often as my classes will soon become more difficult. This class has allowed me to make new friends and helped me to be a better partner when working in groups as it is very important that the work is divided evenly. Finally, this class has opened my eyes up more to seeing real world problems and realizing that my input does matter in certain situations. It is always okay to question something if we don’t agree with it. I look forward to learning many more things next semester in UNIV 112. This class is important to me because it can be applied to many parts of my life, unlike some classes. I also look forward to becoming closer with my classmates as this is the only class that is a year long.

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