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The Sun Has Yet to Set (Goodbyes are Never Easy)


I like to think the most beautiful things are only so because they don’t last.

Writing goodbyes is not the easiest thing in the world.  I mean, this won’t be my last post, because I have to still post my annotated bibliography and all that jazz, but it’s pretty much the end and I’m a little emotional, ngl.

Thinking back on this class, it really has been a wild ride.  I remember back in December when I signed up for this class, I did it mostly because I liked Dr. C as a professor.  I didn’t really know much about Errol Morris or studying film for that matter.

Wow, how things change.

A pandemic and three months later, and now I’ve watched almost all of Errol Morris’ movies, and I feel like I’ve learned more things that I could ever say, about film, about myself, about all of you.  It’s been great, really.  I remember watching Gates of Heaven the first week, and thinking I wasn’t gonna make it through this class.  And now at the end, I’ve seen American Dharma probably 11 to 12 times at this point?  I’ve watched it so many times, I’ve lost count.

It feels weird, being in this liminal space- we’re almost done, but not quite.  It’s only 50 hours away, maybe? Three sunrises?  That’s not a lot of time.  The sun is going to set on our Seminar pretty soon.  The river current that brought us all together for this short, short time is going to fork and once again, we’ll all be on our ways yet again.

I guess all I can say was that it has been nice.  I’m glad we all got to share this time together.

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