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(doing everything wrong) Like that?


You know, throughout my whole life, I’ve kinda been branded as “sensitive” by my family, and I suppose maybe it’s a fair dig.  When you’ve had a hard life, sensitivity looks a little too much death or something close to it.

I used to believe that too, but, now, I’m just happy I’m like that. funny how things change.

I can’t imagine a life where I never cried because of beauty. Or one where i never let anyone cry on my shoulder because i didn’t believe in tears.

i submitted my final paper about 4, maybe 5, hours ago?  I worked really hard on it, so if you u wanna, give it a read.

I’ve become fascinated by this movie, American dharma. it actually horrified me a bit when i realized how much I could see my past self in a guy like Steve bannon. Creating a self by fragmenting the world around you; trying to stitch all pieces together into something beautiful, because u feel like there’s nothing beautiful inside…  call me a one-trick pony, but getting to know this film was really a lesson in empathy for me.

It reminds me of this youtube comment that I think about a lot.

i always wanted to put that in a blog post, but I never could figure out the right occasion.  I suppose now is as good a time as any.

I like to believe the inconstancy of life is what makes it beautiful, but when it actually comes around, that suddenly just feels like a breezy line off a cheap coaster.  Like ‘live, laugh, love” or something.

I haven’t really read anybody’s ‘goodbyes’ yet, because that’s a little more heavy than i’m ready for while also in throes of exam season but I will soon.

I’m gonna miss you guys. I hope the best for all of you, sincerely.

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