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Debate Haiku

I didn’t watch much of it, but what I saw of the debate quite reminded me of this haiku by Kobayashi Issa, and I cannot get it out of my mind.

Mosquito at my ear—
does he think
      I’m deaf?

On that note, I decided to write a couple of my own.


An Eldritch drama,
Or comedy? deems Satan.
“Will you shut up, man?”


Losing the battle,
Fatigue became our fatigues.
We stopped listening.

EDIT: revised to adhere to syllable counts.


  1. Want to let you know someone is reading these. Nice haikus, class discussion would have been interesting in these days.

    • Omg! Hi, Joe! Thanks for tuning in. I’m actually very surprised; I had no idea anyone was reading my stuff these days! And yeah no doubt. Maybe for better or worse, we don’t have to have class discussions during this tumultuous time.

  2. Joe, I do miss our class discussions – and I wish I could have everyone’s insight on things.

    You ain’t the only one reading haikuz

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