Spring 2018 registration info

The Spring 2018 schedule of classes will be available to view on eservices on Monday, October 16th. Your registration date is based on your earned credit amount (unless you have early registration for any reason).

Your registration date can be found here, or you can refer to this Spring 2018 advance registration document.  Registration always begins at 8:00 am.  Please mark your calendar with your registration date and schedule an advising appointment before then to plan your spring 2018 schedule!  It is especially vital to meet with me (or at least email me) prior to registration if you are planning to graduate sometime in 2018 so we can go over your remaining course requirements in detail.

Very important: If possible, please register for classes on your registration date.  If you procrastinate on this, there is a good chance that the classes you originally planned to take will fill up before you’re able to register for them.  Depending on your remaining degree requirements, failing to register on time could postpone your graduation date.

Thinking about changing your major or adding a minor? I am happy to meet with you to discuss your decision and offer suggestions, but please let me know of your new major/minor plans ASAP so I can connect you with an advisor from the department you’re interested in switching to.

Do you have a hold on your record?  If you currently have a hold and it is not removed from your account prior to your registration date, you will not be able to register for classes on time.  To check for holds: log onto your MyVCU Portal.  Go to eservices–>student–> student records–>view holds.  To get a hold removed, contact the department who placed the hold on your account and take the necessary steps to have it removed.  Please note that I do not personally have the authority to put a hold on your record or to remove a hold from your account.

Some additional tips about registration & advising appointments:

  • If you have transfer or AP credits that have not been sent to VCU, I recommend that you get this done ASAP.  Email me if you have questions about this.  The more earned credits you have on your VCU transcript, the earlier your registration date will be.
  • It’s best to meet with me just a few days before your registration date so we can get a realistic idea of which classes will be available to you on the day you register.  You don’t want to count on adding a particular class only to have it fill up before your registration date.  If you also need to meet to discuss a fall course withdrawal (deadline is Friday, Nov. 3rd), you may want to schedule two separate appointments!
  • Try to schedule an appointment well in advance (approximately 2-3 weeks before you plan to meet with me), as my schedule fills up quickly during registration periods and around the withdrawal deadline.
    For example, if your registration date is November 13th, you should plan to meet with me by November 10th and should aim to reserve the appointment by mid/late October.
  • If your registration date arrives and you haven’t yet met with me, make an educated guess about what classes you should take next semester and register for them immediately.  Try to email me, schedule an appointment, or come to walk in hours soon after that so I can check to see if any changes need to be made to your schedule.  It’s best to register for as many classes as possible (maximum= 19 credits) at first and edit later.  You have until Monday, January 22nd, 2018 to make changes to your spring schedule.  Please note that if you are on academic probation you will only be able to register for 13 credits and if you are on academic warning you will be able to register for a maximum of 14 credits.  
  • Please make an appointment using this link.  Do not email me for an appointment unless you aren’t able to schedule an appointment online or need to meet with me during a time when I am normally not available.
  • You can make appointments for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on your needs.  Please try to be realistic about how much time is needed (if you make a 15 min appointment, I cannot meet with you for 25 minutes).
  • Do your best to show up for your scheduled appointment on time and with prepared questions.  I completely understand that “no shows” and late cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, but please realize that failing to show up for an appointment during a busy time of year means that another student missed out on meeting with me during that time.  If you know ahead of time that you won’t be able to come to your appointment or will be late, a phone call (804-827-4218) or email is appreciated.
  • You are always welcome to come to my walk in hours (Wednesdays 1-3pm and Thursdays 2-4pm), but be aware that walk ins are meant for quick, 5-10 minute check ins.  If you need to meet with me for more than 15 minutes, schedule a full appointment.
  • If you don’t remember how to register for classes, please let me know before your registration date so we can go over this in person.