Online Special Topics Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2018

Looking for upper level electives?

The Department of Counseling and Special Education is offering four EDUS 494 Special Topics Courses Spring 2018 during spring 2018.   

These are 3-credit classes that will be 100% online and do not have any prerequisites. Please note that while there is no textbook for any of these classes, you will have a one-time purchase of the software to take the entire course ($99.00).  It will download on your computer and the entire course is through that software (content, lectures, exams, etc).

The class will have several exams each worth a portion of your grade. Below is a brief description of each of the courses being offered next semester.

EDUS 494 Special Topics: Interpersonal Communication for Human Service Professionals
This course provides an overview of interpersonal communication skills in personal and career relationships. Emphasis is given to verbal and non-verbal communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal relationships, and the nature of communication. Individual and group communication skills are also discussed.

EDUS 494 Special Topics: Career Development
This course provides a broad overview of career development theories and skills for entry level human service professionals. A key focus of this course is understanding how individuals make career decisions. Some topics include strategies for understanding change and the new economy,  entering  and succeeding in an occupation, investigating issues related to the world of work, diversity, discrimination, mentoring, making commitments, and dealing with uncertainty.

EDUS 494 Special Topics: Diversity and Human Relations
This course provides an introduction to human diversity and relationships. Various aspects of human diversity will be introduced and discussed such as race, socioeconomic status, gender, and human sexuality. The course examines how human relationships are influenced from a multicultural perspective.

EDUS 494 Special Topics: Wellness and Coping
Using a wellness framework, this course provides an overview of how individuals cope with stress, anxiety, and challenges in their lives. The course will cover various topics including understanding the different factors that contribute to wellness including specific techniques to enhance wellness.