ENVS Major Curriculum & Substitutions/Waivers- Reminders!

We are in the process of updating our bulletin for the Environmental Studies Major.  For the time being, most of you will be waived from 1-2 major requirements and able to sub in other classes for a few of your other major requirements (if none of this sounds familiar, please schedule an appointment with your ENVS advisor ASAP.  The waivers and subs are explained more below!
  • For the ENVS major, you need to take ENVS 105 Physical Geology or URSP 204 Physical Geography, but not both.  You do not need to take the corresponding lab (ENVZ 105 or URSZ 204) along with either of these classes.  The lab component will be waived on DegreeWorks before you graduate (will not be waived automatically!).  If you are thinking about minoring in Urban & Regional Studies/Planning (as many ENVS majors do), it makes more sense for you to choose URSP 204 since this course will count for the ENVS major and the URSP minor.
  • ENVS 201 is now listed as a “collateral requirement” on DegreeWorks because it’s on our 2017-2018 bulletin, but we do not enforce this requirement!  If you are a junior or senior and have not already completed ENVS 201, it probably doesn’t make sense for you to take this course.  If you are a freshman or sophomore, please check in with me during our advising appointment to see if it makes sense for you to take the course.  If you still need to fulfill the “Natural/Physical Science” Core Requirement, ENVS 201 is recommended.

  • LFSC 301 was discontinued after fall 2015.  You can substitute in ENVS 201 (if it’s not also counting as your ENVS elective) or an upper level ENVS (or related) course for this requirement.
  • You can take POLI 320/SOCY 320 if you want, or you can choose to substitute in an upper level ENVS (or related) course for this requirement.
  • “Related” courses offered in Spring 2018 that can sub in for LFSC 301, POLI/SOCY 320, or the ENVS elective include:

    BIOL Courses

    BIOL 103 Environmental Science (can only count as ENVS elective)

    BIOL 312 Invertebrate Zoology

    BIOL 314 Animal Reproduction

    BIOL 320 Biology of the Seed Plant

    BIOL 321 Plant Development

    BIOL 333 Evolution of the Angiosperms

    BIOL 335 Global Change Biology

    BIOL 402 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

    BIOL 411 Animal Physiology

    BIOL 415 Mangrove Avian Forest Ecology (crosslisted with ENVS 515)

    BIOL 416 Ornithology

    BIOL 459 Infectious Disease Ecology

    BIOL 480 Animal-Plant Interactions

    BIOL 497 Ecological Service Learning (this is only one credit, so it can count towards ENVS but won’t sub for a full elective)

    BIOL 516 Population Genetics

    BIOL 520 Population Ecology

    BIOL 532 Water Pollution Biology

    BIOL 545 Biological Complexity

    Other courses maybe approved if they have an environmental component as well- just email envsadvising@vcu.edu for approval!

  • I typically process all necessary subwaivers when you apply to graduate.  For example, if you take BIOL 422 Forest Ecology and want it to sub in for LFSC 301, this is completely fine but it will not automatically happen on DegreeWorks– it requires me to submit subwaiver paperwork through an online form.
  • If you have taken MATH 200, MATH 151 will be waived.