ENVS Minor


Please note that you do not need to complete the ENVS 490 capstone course for the ENVS minor. You only need 21 credits for the minor (rather than 24) including:

  • ENVS 311- 3 cr
  • ECON 325- 3 cr
  • STAT 208, STAT 210, STAT 212, or SCMA 301 ( STAT 210 recommended)- 3 cr
  • 12 credits of ENVS electives (or approved “related” electives)- 12 cr

If DegreeWorks says you still need to take ENVS 490, please disregard this.  I will do a substitution waiver before you graduate to fix the issue in DegreeWorks. Alternatively, you can email envsadvising@vcu.ed and request to switch to our new 2018-2019 minor bulletin.  The change will remove the ENVS 490 requirement from your DegreeWorks.

In general, you should apply to graduate on time even if you are waiting on ENVS substitutions/waivers to be processed.  I will submit any necessary substitution waivers after I see that you have applied to graduate.

Please email ENVSadvising@vcu.edu if you have questions about any of this!