SAP Appeals

SAP Appeal Procedure

Please read over this page (and all links) if you received a financial aid suspension letter this semester.

Extensive information about the SAP appeal procedure can be found here.
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Students submitting a SAP appeal must include the following materials:

1. Financial Aid SAP Form – This form can be found on the following VCU Financial Aid URL: Students are required to complete the entire SAP Appeal form and follow the instructions provided.

SAP form

2. Maximum Time Frame Appeal Form (150 Percent Maximum Time Frame) – Students who exceeded the 150 percent maximum time frame allowed to complete their degree are allowed to appeal. This form can be found on the following VCU Financial Aid URL: Students are required to complete the entire form and follow the instructions provided.

3. SAP Explanation – Students are required to provide a detailed explanation as to why they did not meet SAP. This explanation should explain the unusual and/or mitigating circumstances that affected the students’ academic progress. Such circumstances may include a severe illness or injury to the student or immediate family member; death of a student’s relative; activation into military services or other circumstances. Students need to be specific and provide supporting documentation. All SAP explanations must also outline the steps students are planning to take to ensure future success at VCU, including the student’s academic plan. Students who have already satisfied an academic plan and are resubmitting the SAP explanation for continued FSA eligibility are required to explain only the steps that they plan to use to continue to achieve academic success.

4. Academic Plan – Students and their Academic Advisor will complete this together. The academic plan includes a student’s current completion rate and GPA as well as a checklist that acknowledges that the student understand the terms of the plan and the academic resources that are available.

Undergraduate VCU Financial Aid Academic Plan
Graduate VCU Financial Aid Academic Plan

5. Supporting Documentation (if applicable) –  To confirm extenuating circumstance(s), students must attach any supporting documentation from an objective third party (e.g. physician, counselor, lawyer, social worker, teacher, religious leader, academic advisor, and/or VCU Health Center). All supporting documentation submitted must:

  • Be on official stationary with appropriate signatures or by email from a valid VCU email account.
  • Verify that the extenuating circumstance(s) occurred during the timeframe referenced in the appeal.
  • Verify that the extenuating circumstance(s) will no longer influence academic performance.
  • If the document submitted is an obituary notice, then state the students’ relationship to the deceased individual.

Appeal decisions are based on the information presented on the appeal form and the SAP criteria. Make sure the appeal contains as much supporting information and documentation as possible.

Appeal decisions will either be denied or approved. In some cases, academic conditions may be imposed in order for aid to be reinstated.

All decisions of the SAP appeals committee are final.

The deadline for submitting all financial aid appeals and all supporting documentation is November 20 for the Fall semester and April 16 for the Spring semester. If reinstatement of aid is sought for the summer session, the appeal must be submitted prior to the first day of classes for that term. Any appeals received after these dates will be considered for the following semester or term.

All appeal materials should be submitted on or before the deadline above to the student’s financial aid representative via email by the student or their academic advisor.