Taking courses at another institution

First, consult with ENVS advisor Lindsay Freeman about your plan if you haven’t already.  Remember, if you receive a D or F in a VCU course, it almost always makes more sense for you to repeat it at VCU rather than at another institution.  You cannot take advantage of VCU’s historical repeat policy if the course is not repeated at VCU.

Refer to the VCU course equivalency table to make sure you’re taking the correct course.

Very important!  Please complete the “Request to take courses at another institution” form before your class begins (and preferably before registering for the course).  This allows the Transfer Center and ENVS Advising to make sure the class you’re planning to take is appropriate and will transfer to VCU without an issue.

Don’t forget to apply as a “visiting” or “transient” student to the college where you’re planning to take courses (if you haven’t been a student there in the past) and to register for the class(es) you want to take through their online portal or in person.

Some community colleges (like J. Sargeant Reynolds and John Tyler Community College in the Richmond area) will also require you to complete a “transient student form”.  If you are planning to attend one of these institutions, your advisor will need to sign off on this form for you.

If you have questions about specific policies that other institutions enforce, it‘s usually best to check with the other school’s Transfer Center or Admissions Office.

As soon as you complete a class at another institution, you should have your official transcript sent to this address:

VCU Transfer Center
900 Park Avenue
Box 842532
Richmond, VA 23284-2532

Students planning to take a course outside the U.S. through another institution should contact Education Abroad: http://global.vcu.edu/abroad/students/

International students planning to take a course in their home country over the summer should contact International Students & Scholars Program: http://global.vcu.edu/students/

Through use of the Request to Take Courses form, the Transfer Center can confirm that the student is taking the right course, be on the lookout for incoming transcripts (especially for graduating seniors), and send reminders for students to send their transcript to the correct location. Education Abroad and International Students & Scholars can also help students with course review and be aware of where in the world a student will be in the event of an emergency.