Student Experiences- Independent Study

Panama Avian Field Ecology
& West Nile Virus Study

avian research

Name: Ryan Levering

Name of Supervisor/mentor: Dr. Lesley Bulluck

Type of Experience/class
: ENVS 492 Independent Study (fall 2015)

What were the primary factors that influenced your decision to participate in Undergraduate Research?
This project provided a great opportunity for valuable, paid research experience. I had recently completed Panama Avian Field Ecology, and was interested in doing avian research.

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Field Technician working with
Snapping Turtles

turtle 2


Name: Jessica Johnston

Name of Supervisor: Ben Colteaux, Ph.D. Candidate

Type of Experience: Field technician (paid position)

What were the primary factors that influenced your decision to be a field technician working with snapping turtles? Mainly, I wanted to learn more about what it is like working in a field environment with live animals everyday.  I have always thought turtles are cool, and a paying gig working on the river in the summer time sounded like fun to me!

For you, what are the benefits of participating in this research?  My employer and Ph.D. candidate, Ben Colteaux, has already done significant research determining how sustainable fishing for snapping turtles is in Virginia.  Just being a part of his research to help protect and possibly better regulate turtle fishing is a benefit to me.  Having the opportunity to learn new skills such as driving a boat, navigating in aquatic environments, and handling different species of turtles are all wonderful benefits as well.

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