Student Works

At the end of the semester, students are asked to use an Esri Story Maps template to present his or her final project.  The examples below showcase the students’ hard work.

Please note, these bodies of work reflect the students own opinions and analyses and represent working model outputs from the course.  The projects are not conducted in partnership with VCU or any outside agencies and do not represent anything other then output from the model analyses run.  Student projects not set to viewable by the PUBLIC are not listed.

Fall 2016

Joanne Benavides – Preferred Oyster Restoration Sites in the Chesapeake Bay.  Link:

Kevin Boucher – A Determination of the Influence of Forest Cover on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Link:

Richie Dang – Evaluating Impacts on Water Consumption. Link:

Ryan Falkowski – Environmental Planning in Response to Climate Change for the Virginia Beach Coastline.  Link:

Monica Maples – Equality of Virginia Sustainability Efforts.  Link:

Elaine Negasi – Rising Sea Level:  A 100 Year Analysis for Virginia Beach, VA.  Link:

Harikrishna Parasu – Pollutants in the Potomac River Basin.  A Case Study Looking at River Otters as Indicator Species.  Link:

Huy Phan – Assessing the Potential Damage of Sea Level Rise:  A case study of Virginia Beach.  Link

Jack Ryan – Placement of Trail Cameras to Assess White-Tailed Deer Population in the James River Park System, Richmond VA.  Link:

Kaitlin Savage – A Proposed TDR Model for Central Virginia.  Link:

Jacob Smith – The Development of a Field Based Application to Aid in Prescribed Burning for Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Habitat in Southern Virginia.  Link:

Nicholas Spear – Wildfires in Arizona:  Influence of Drought Severity on Frequency of Wildfires.  Link:

Jaehyun Yu – A Habitat Prediction Model for the Barking Treefrog.  Link: