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Eric Everington Introduction


  1. everingtone

    Sorry for making two posts, I wasn’t sure if the other one was working so I made a new page but then they both worked so I tried to delete the other one but now I have two.

  2. Alice Quach

    Hi, Eric! This is such a unique video to introduce yourself. Journalism and media are very interesting fields that can have huge impacts on people. Your juggling skills are impressive!

  3. meyersbcc

    Cool introductory video, thanks for sharing and being creative- makes sense that you are interested in media. No problem that you do not have previous coding experience, you will be fine and reach out if you need any assistance, collaborating may help. Raleigh is a cool area, been there several times for work travel with VCU, we actually have quite a number of prospective students from the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Greenville areas. Never did try juggling, you make it look easy, you should post a video on how to teach it to beginners. It has always seemed to be a skill that would turn heads and bring people together at events in a positive and fun atmosphere. I am looking forward to working with you this semester.

  4. latinxviews

    Great job. Love your video.

  5. digitalsocyprof13

    Hi Eric,

    Welcome to the class. What a great introduction! I like the way that it felt like an actual news piece, especially with the key turning and the seat belt clicking. It is okay that you do not have any python or coding experience –none is necessary. My hope is that you will be able to get a sociological perspective on journalism and media: who it reaches, who does it serve, who does it marginalize, and why. This has become even more important with the rise of citizen journalism. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts and creativity permeate the class.

    Prof. Gina

    • everingtone

      Thanks, me too. We learned a lot about working with data last semester so I’m looking forward to seeing what this course has to offer.

  6. meyersbcc

    Greetings, and thanks for your video introduction. I am in your Group 2 for our first group assignment. I have already put a Google doc. in the Group 2 folder, I was thinking we could come up with 5 problems and questions and then narrow it down to 3. I included my email so that we could comment on the form but also communicate via email. I am looking forward to working with you on this assignment. Thanks again for your video intro.


    • everingtone

      Sounds good, Tuesday is my busy day so I will get to this assignment tomorrow. Hope that works. Look forward to working with you too.

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