There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal

Art Credit: @henniemonclair

I’m not sure if anyone still looks here but you never know if you’ll help someone. First and for most, I hope all of you are safe whether you reside in Richmond or have moved somewhere else now. I actually loved this class and I feel like all of us felt a certain way when it came to the injustices in society that are implemented on POC and especially Black lives. I wish I could protest but my immune system is trash due to having a certain disease, so the next best thing is to spread information where I can. Through the course of the few days that I’ve seen information circulating on social media, it’s in the form of Instagram stories so they’ll disappear in due time. So here is a more permanent post to search for information and I’ll continue to update when I can with more information. Stay safe guys and feel free to share this!

Bail Funds


Places To Donate


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Black-owned cute small businesses (on instagram)

If you can’t view from web browser then here is all their @’s

  • @adornedbychi
  • @mossbadger
  • @bisoulovely
  • @e.l.g.y
  • @starposhop
  • @dollbeshop
  • @moshimelon
  • @magicalgirlme_official
  • @plushiikawaii
  • @sugartrampoline
  • @milkribbon.jpg
  • @dreamykyandi
  • @lilith_et_adalia
  • @misscandyholic (sells cute face maks if you need any!)
  • @tee.heart.tee
  • @pupcakescupcats
  • @sugarysymbiote
  • @otaqapparel

Black Owned Restaurants 




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Musings and Frank Sinatra – Requiem for a Diploma

The Temptation to just Post “the Best is Yet to Come” is Real.

And yet, we’re going to choose to be bigger than that. Big bois, bigger than Frank Sinatra and down for original musings. Writing, and writing, and writing our hearts out until the end of time. And the end of time does approach. In 48 hours this post will be obsolete in the way memories are; flowing in rivers always downstream sometimes with driftwood and smoothing stones into polished moments. You’ll find I don’t know how to end things, or start things, only how to do them when I am compelled to. It leads to bad introductions and a line in the middle of prose that is “killer”. I’m also bad at goodbyes. So then, to end this semester with a rhyme, I’ll do my best to recall all of your names.

To Dr.C

There is no end to the gratitude I have for your instruction and empathy. I cannot begin to understand the strength that it takes to, on no sleep, come give a lecture in the space of losing a family member and close friend. I can barely finish finals in the space of a distant death. And yet, you’ve powered through loss and the ongoing threat of Covid-19 in order to ensure that our Senior Seminar is the best class we’ve taken at VCU. I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you. Even with circumstances truly, fast, cheap, and out of control this has been the most meaningful educational experience of my lifetime. I truly hope that one day I can be as inspirational to my students as you are to me.

To Adam

Did you hear Nicholas Cage is Joe exotic? It’s off topic but I figure that fits. Adam, you’ve made me laugh in ways I genuinely appreciate. I’m a fairly dry person, I think, and I often come into lectures exhausted from people around people all day. You’re a real energizing force, even for an introvert like me. I sincerely wish we could have watched National Treasure if nothing else because I would have loved to hear your commentary. Course’ reducing your contributions to mere laughter would be irresponsible  – If I recall, you brought up the discussion that lead to a whole day of Bakhtin. Honestly, one of the best discussions of the semester. If there’s something to loved in the world, I suspect you’ll have a unique ability to find it. Maybe that thing is Nicholas Cage. Maybe it’s bad Zoom backgrounds. Unclear, but good luck. Bob’s my uncle.

To Zerri

We’ve been through a lot adjacent to each other, haven’t we? You’ve been an intellectual presence in my life since I decided Forensic Science wasn’t the call for me. We survived Pangallo’s ridiculously high expectations together, I think we took Lingold’s brilliant Caribbean Lit together, and now (of course) Errol Morris. I don’t know how to fully display my admiration for your particular perspective on literature; suffice to say I think you’re brilliant. I’ve given a lot of thought to your comments on Mr. Death especially and your insight has spawned many a discussion for me on what constitutes platforming. I think you’ve been on to something with that film. There’s a lack of the refined quality that makes later Morris interviews clearly tenable. I digress. It will be odd not having classes with you anymore. I think part of me expects you’ll just be at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee when I arrive. To say I’ll miss your insight is an understatement.

To Joe

Joe – you remember saying that you thought the Ashtray was poorly written in spots? I still disagree with you but you’re a fine person to disagree with. You bring a unique and intensely personal perspective to discussions and it’s refreshing. There’s an attribute you and Matt share that always surprises me. The Sad robot, an emergent symbol of our seminar (in my mind), is one of those things. I wouldn’t have ever even considered it. In fact, I took it for granted. But you shined a spotlight on it and I’m still thinking about it. What is the sad robot? Will we ever fully know? Also, and this is true, you have amazing hair. I don’t know why I’m putting that here, but it’s a good look for you.

To Jackie

You know, naked mole rats are cute. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re absolutely right. But O’possoms are nasty disgusting creatures. I don’t know what you think about them, maybe we agree. Jackie, I really appreciate a lot of things about you. Firstly that you kept the hello world post up on your rampages, bold move. Secondly, that your fascination with Fast Cheap and Out of Control is contagious. And by that I mean even just reviewing your blog posts makes me want to go watch it again, and pay detailed attention to the words themselves. You have a fullness of perspective when it comes to media that I don’t think I have. I think I focus on one leg of the chair in a way that’s obsessive – you seem to have a way of identifying a grander design. Your comments make me want to be a better English student. Honestly, that means a lot to me.

To Matt

There was a time when we argued on my Thin Blue Line post. We were blog rivals to romanticize it. I kid; discussions with you were always fruitful because I knew I’d have to defend myself. It was genuinely shocking to hear you didn’t know how I was using remediation until the presentation – I had constructed this version of “Matt” that knew everything I did and a vast amount more. I still contend that you know a fair bit more about all of this stuff than I do, and you’re ability to convey ideas is second to none. In that regard, I have a substantial respect for you. That made the chance to know that I had made something more understandable to you all the more fulfilling. You’ve taught me a lot, including not to over-engineer a haiku or a blog post. Good luck in graduate school, and if you ever need to argue with someone hit me up.

To Ashley

Speaking of Haikus, thank you for bringing the Errol Morris haiku to my attention, giving me the experience of hearing about Cicada 3301 in my undergrad, and blowing my mind with your collage theory. I was talking to Dr.C last week about how I feel as-though there’s something in your concept of collage lens that I absolutely need to understand if I want to work further with Morris and media forms. I’m actually thinking about proposing a CCCC 2021 presentation on Morris and Remediation as a form of objective correlative. I feel like Collage and object correlative have a sort of necessary association themselves. This is a long winded way of saying, let’s talk.

To Alex

We were going to throw a pizza party and look where it got us. It’s been brilliant to get to know you, try to play video games, and fail to have our schedules line up. You’re very soft spoken but I feel as though you speak with purpose in a way I don’t. I talk too much for it to be as meaningful, dilute words or something like that. Not to mention, your artistic ability and knowledge of skelletor are second to none. I’m genuinely glad I met you and got to experience your flashes of inspiring brilliance.

To Wiley

Wiley, you always had the best blog post name and excellent taste in music. It’s just a fact. Your posting of Errol Morris’s tweets brought levity in the hardest moments of this course. I definitely ended up following him on twitter but it’s not as fun to get your information from the source. I don’t know, is it weird to say I look up to your titles? You’re brilliant to titling things. It’s the hardest part, and yet everything you title is just resonant. It’s a good natural skill to have. Honestly, I wish we had talked more.

To Katie

I fully and completely appreciate anyone who brings House of Leaves to the table of any class. You are the only person who has done this in my entire time at VCU. I’m not crazy right, it’s the best book! You could teach a whole seminar on just that book! I also appreciate anyone who chooses the route of commenting on matters of hermanutics. I cannot. I know so little of religious meaning making. As with all I don’t know, it’s awe inspiring. Thank you for  bringing me to consider Morris in a way I would otherwise never venture to.

to Greg

Greg, let me give you a superlative. Most likely to get this damn degree? Best at taglines? No, something else. How about, most likely to do extra work in way that makes the final moments of a brilliant class even more brilliant. Your discussion of noir was deeply engaging, your application of film theory even more so. I really loved your post about Wormwood’s camera apparatus. If you ever make a film, I’d watch it. The best compliment I can give you is that you seem like a natural director. A natural visionary.

And so, We have Come to a Logical End.

In an ideal world, I would stay in touch with you all. Each of you have been the best of colleagues and dare I say friends. I have been moved by your thoughts for the better part of four months, and that’s a true honor. So, if you fancy, you can follow me on twitter @poemsandplay, add me discord The Trickster#4574, or send me an email at I’ll be at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee next year and freezing in the fall snow, so, your companionship and insight will be a thawing force. There’s a terrible amount more to say, but I want to let you all know that I appreciate you instead of babbling about my own next steps. Suffice to say this summer will be busy I’ll keep you in the loop.

-Yours Turly, Wren

The final, finally

Running a little late, aren’t you Wren

As things begin so they shall end. I came into my first English class with Dr. Pangallo late, you know. Seems I’m leaving my last class a little later than expected too. I won’t get into it in this post, or on this blog in fact. I feel that there are experiences I’d rather belay in another form. Things haven’t been easy, or simple, but they’ve been.  Stay tuned for a final goodbye in my next post. For now, read a paper if you want. It’s passable, I hope.

Errol Morris Seminar Final – Wren.


Last Post before the Last LAST Post

As the semester, and this Senior Seminar course winds down to a conclusion, I cannot help but think of the many actions, events, and moments that led me to select this particular specialized Errol Morris class. Truly, I had no idea who the guy was and when I told my family about him over winter break, they were pretty much clueless too.  So I came to this class blindly and willingly, and I could not feel more content in my decision. Dr. C,  you have truly outdone yourself in the production of this course as well as guiding your students through the strange and poetic world of Morris, for that, I am endlessly thankful. Before we had to transition over to Zoom, I really looked forward to attending this class every Tuesday and Thursday and hearing everyone’s thoughts and feelings on what we just binged. I would have to say that our group discussions are what definitely kept me motivated and intrigued throughout the semester.  Graduation is approaching fast and it is indeed true that everyone should take their Senior Seminar during the semester they graduate because it just seems like such a fitting way to close this journey. I can’t wait to talk about Errol Morris when the public opens again and find that one strange individual who knows wtf I’m talking about when I reference insurance fraud towns and dead pet cemeteries. AU REVOIR! (until we meet again for my last LAST post with my final paper attached).

(doing everything wrong) Like that?


You know, throughout my whole life, I’ve kinda been branded as “sensitive” by my family, and I suppose maybe it’s a fair dig.  When you’ve had a hard life, sensitivity looks a little too much death or something close to it.

I used to believe that too, but, now, I’m just happy I’m like that. funny how things change.

I can’t imagine a life where I never cried because of beauty. Or one where i never let anyone cry on my shoulder because i didn’t believe in tears.

i submitted my final paper about 4, maybe 5, hours ago?  I worked really hard on it, so if you u wanna, give it a read.

I’ve become fascinated by this movie, American dharma. it actually horrified me a bit when i realized how much I could see my past self in a guy like Steve bannon. Creating a self by fragmenting the world around you; trying to stitch all pieces together into something beautiful, because u feel like there’s nothing beautiful inside…  call me a one-trick pony, but getting to know this film was really a lesson in empathy for me.

It reminds me of this youtube comment that I think about a lot.

i always wanted to put that in a blog post, but I never could figure out the right occasion.  I suppose now is as good a time as any.

I like to believe the inconstancy of life is what makes it beautiful, but when it actually comes around, that suddenly just feels like a breezy line off a cheap coaster.  Like ‘live, laugh, love” or something.

I haven’t really read anybody’s ‘goodbyes’ yet, because that’s a little more heavy than i’m ready for while also in throes of exam season but I will soon.

I’m gonna miss you guys. I hope the best for all of you, sincerely.

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A Reflection

Well here we are! This class has really been such an honor and a pleasure. I haven’t been as active on here as I should have been due to a lot of stressors, including working in a restaurant while trying to get all of my assignments done in this new remote learning fashion. I’m so glad to have taken this class and gotten to know all of you. I had a feeling this class would be special just knowing that it was a topic was different from any of the other seminar topics and knowing that Dr. C was a great professor, but it has really surpassed any and all of my expectations. This class allowed me to explore and appreciate the material in a way that I honestly haven’t in a fair amount of the other classes I’ve taken. I can’t say I’ve taken many classes that I actually wanted to never miss. That is to say, every class meeting we’ve had has been enjoyable and deeply interesting, so what we’ve discussed has stayed with me, which is a testament to how fulfilling and educational this class has been. Even after The Most unforeseen circumstance and all of the weird adjustments involved in switching to online schooling, I felt a contentment in our zoom meetings. It was really nice to have that set amount of time for some social interaction, and I’m very glad to have had that with you all. Not to mention actually meeting and talking to Errol Morris??? This whole class has been insanely cool opportunity, and no doubt one of the most important and memorable classes of my undergrad experience overall.

I haven’t finished my paper yet, I’m hoping it’ll be done on or before the 7th, so I’ll upload it then. Good luck and good job to the rest of you! <3

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Wikipedia Work

You know, I have 85% of the content on this page now and it’s still nowhere close to “finished”. It really needs updates about the controversy and the reviews but I have a paper to write and now a death in the family so I guess you’ve gotta know when to let something rest at a C class quality. Wikipedia work is seductive – that’s all I’m saying.