The City and the City Response

The City and the City by China Mieville was definitely a very unique book. I think it is safe to say that I have never read a book just like this one before. At the beginning of the book, it was relatively difficult to start and get into. The diction was a major factor that I was very unfamiliar with. Another reason is was difficult to get into, was the plot. The plot was very different compared to what I was expecting to the book to turn out like.


The book, The City and the City, began by slowly introducing the murder of an unknown woman. This part of the book was very interesting because everytime a new piece of evidence towards the murder was brought up, I felt like they were getting so close to solving the murder. It was very exciting to follow along.  Slowly, but surely, the plot changed into the story of the two cities, Ul Qoma and Beszel. The murder also helped introduce the two cities into the novel. The plot change intrigued me a lot because it completely changed the novel. The novel went from discovering the murder to finding out about Ul Qoma and Beszel. It was truly quite interesting how these two cities were so completely different, although being right next to each other. They had different languages and customs, yet were so close to each other.


Although, The City and the City, is not a book I would generally gravitate towards to on my own time, I am very glad that I have read it. Nonetheless, I do wish that Mieville would have gone more into depth of the mystery of the two cities. And just overall go into further detail of the “two” cities. I think a lot of people would want to know more about it. For example, why did Ul Qoma and Beszel even split in the first place? Despite that, The City and the City was a very well written book. It is definitely very unique and had an interesting plot twist and I enjoyed those factors that the book brought.