Multimodal Comp


Our current project in class is to create a multimodal composition. In class, when we were first introduced to the project I was a slightly confused about it. The instructions were short, and  simply told us to find a problem or a story to tell. There were very limited directions. First of all, I was already lost on what I was going to choose for my topic. It could almost be anything. And second of all, we had to either create a video, project, poster, etc.  Personally, this is something I am definitely not used to doing. Usually, in class, when we are assigned a project we are usually told a general topic. And from there, we go into further depth of what we would like to focus our projects on . Also, we are typically not given the freedom to choose how we present the project. This is because, normally we are told to just write the typical essay and turn it in. Therefore, having the option to choose something of my own preferance was really something different for me. I then started to think on everything I could present to the class for my project. Later that night, I went on my phone and went on Twitter. A photo popped up on my feed, it was of the #10yearchallenge. But, I was confused because it wasn’t any of the ordinary #10yearchallenge that I had seen before. There wasn’t a picture of someone from 2009 and then another from 2019. Instead, it was 2 photos of the ocean. The one from 2009 was a beautiful, clear, blue view of the ocean. And the second photo, from 2019, was a complete mess. It was filled with plastic, trash, and junk. Sadly, it just looked so wrong. After seeing that photo, I researched more about the topic and it was very eye opening. Everybody hears and sees how polluted the ocean really is, but I can guarantee that it would benefit everyone to research more about the topic. I now know that this is what I want to make my multimodal composition project about. I think it would be interesting to show in a different way than just an essay style format.