Freshman Year

I have been reflecting on my freshman year of college because it is quickly coming to and end. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I definitely was really excited to come to VCU and have the whole college experience that I have heard so much about. I was really nervous at first because my parents did not go to college so I really did not know what I was getting myself into. Although college has had it’s ups and downs I have really enjoyed it. I believe I have met some of the coolest people that I most definitely would not have met anywhere else. I got the amazing experience to live in the capital of Virginia. Richmond is so diverse and unique. VCU is so different than any other college I have visited. So, I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to live here. I have some of the best professors and I am grateful to how much they love to teach and want their students to succeed. To be completely honest, my favorite part of my freshman year of college is being able to experience such a completely different part of Virginia. I live in northern Virginia, and as everyone knows it doesn’t have the best reputation. Everyone thinks it’s filled with rich snobby people, which is pretty much true. So, surrounding myself with people from different areas of Virginia and different cultures is so amazing to me! Everyone here really just does what they please and say what they want and wear what they want. Which is not something you see in northern Virginia. Especially because we have the arts program at VCU. Overall, freshman year has been a great experience. I learned a lot about myself and others. I have learned so much more than I did my four years in high school. And I got to do it with some of my new best friends.

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  1. I can relate because I also come from NOVA. Richmond has offered so many great opportunities that I would not have gotten if I had gone to George Mason. The placement of university makes it hard to not explore the city. The festivals, parades, and public events are so much fun and make me proud to be a part of this community. So far, I have been lucky to have great professors and classmates who are helpful and welcoming. Compared to the people I have met in NOVA, Richmond folk are kinder. In my experience, I have had more random conversation with strangers here than people back home.

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