hospital visits

I’ve been to the hospital, not for reasons that have to do with me, at least 7 times this year. One of my roommates has these really weird episodes where it seems like she is having an allergic reaction. Although, she did not even have anything new to eat, use any new product, etc. It is really scary and, for the most part, I have been the only one home when she has these episodes. So, I had to take her to the hospital because she could barely function. She can barely walk, breathe and is profusely sweating and is shaking and itching. We have been to the hospital so many times because of these reoccurring problems but the doctors literally have no idea what it is.  Not trying to speak badly about doctors but they honestly seemed not to care about her problems. Although I am sure they were really busy or something…..all 7 times. But yeah, it has been really stressful for her and all of my roommates because we have all had our turns taking her to the hospital and waiting with her. It is also really expensive, and the doctors usually do not give her medicine, or medicine that will even help. But she has a lot of appointments now because she has begun to loose feeling in one of her legs. So now hopefully the doctors can take it a little bit more seriously and try to figure out what is actually going on with her. The last time we went was last week today and she has been doing a lot better and I hope that it stays that way. I am really concerned because I live with her and I see how much she struggles with it and how it can affect her in school and her personal life. She is an art major, and the art buildings are really far away and she has to carry her big art portfolio with her, and it is hard enough to do with 2 functioning legs, i cannot even imagine how it is with just 1.

the act of forgiving

In my psych class we had to read a passage about forgiveness. And it was really interesting to have someone write about this. The definition of forgiveness is to give up resentment of or claim to requital. The author in the passage spoke in depth about how we see people who forgive others as weak and a push over. When in reality they are not. They also explained how  emotions block the mind and how the act of refusing to forgive can, in fact, lead to several different forms of darkness. It is interesting because instead of forgiving others we react in violent and angry ways. And the is what leads us to darkness. So we are pretty much teaching the new generations that violence is the way you should react when someone does you dirty.

Usually, when you are angry with someone your reaction is to want to get back at them or hurt them in some way.  And most of the time, to get revenge, you want to do what they did to you, right back to them. But then this situation just leaves you as a hypocrite because you are doing the same thing you were angry about with them in the first place. It is a really interesting concept that I never really thought about but now I see how that is what people do as their first reaction.

So now when I am angry with someone I think I just need to practice forgiving people. I do not have to agree with what they did or anything but I can just not let the anger take over my body. I think that it will help a lot people who tried this as well. And I think it would be beneficial to the future generations to come.

social media

It is really obvious of the enormous effects that social media has on us, as a society. Especially in our generation. It is actually insane how much social media can consume us. Their is some positives that come out of social media because people are able to get careers on social media. This can be good and bad because kids could make a lot of money when they really should not be responsible for all that money. However, it is a good way for people to be successful if they do not have enough money to go to college. Or if their talent has something to do with social media. But social media is also really dangerous because it can cause us to be obsessed with other people’s lives. And basically trying to pretend like you are someone you are not. Obviously most people don’t post their mental breakdowns on social media. People typically only post the positive things in their lives and want to seem as if they are the best and happiest person in the world.

As a result of this, many people begin to compare themselves to other people that they see on social media. They compare their bodies, their followers, likes, etc. This is something extremely toxic and dangerous to young people and their self esteems.

At this point, their is not much that can be done to fix this issue that we, as a society, has created. We just have to be aware of the fact that what people post on social media is not as real as we think it is. It is only a small portion of somebody’s life. Even then, the photos are edited and the posts are tweaked with. It is just not authentic and I think that many people can forget about this factor of social media.

should the rich be taxed for the poor

In class we talked about if the rich should be taxed to help the poor. Since we spent so much time talking about it, I began to deeply think about it a lot. The first class when Professor Galligan brought the question up I was kind of in the middle of the argument. The reason I was in the middle is because I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I know that when I was younger it was really hard for my parents to pay for everything because only my dad worked and my mom stayed at home with us. It is not like my mom was being lazy and did not want to have a job. We only had one car, my mom didn’t even have a high school education, and she had 3 little kids to watch over. That means my dad had to work extra hard for us to be able to maintain a life. So I know that when the rich were being taxed it was helping my family a lot. Then some miracle happened and my dad started up his own company and got a lot of money. My life changed completely because I was actually able to get stuff I wanted and not just needed. When this happened my dad was obviously getting taxed a lot. I remember him telling me about it. He said how it was funny how everything changed and now he is giving up his money to help people who need it more than us. So because my family and I have been on both sides of the spectrum I feel like it was a lot more personal. Now, I feel that the rich should be taxed. I do understand that the rich (maybe) worked for there money, and it is not entitled to the poor. But, when you have so much money it really does not hurt them because they will make it back so much faster than the poor could make it. I also do understand that there are some really lazy people in the world that just do not want to work and have a steady income so they just expect money from the rich. But that is just not the case for everybody. There are so many people who cannot work because they have a disability, do not have access to get a good job, etc. Some people work a handful of jobs just to get by! And that is what many people do not understand. It is not easy to live life here because it is so expensive. But I can see both sides of the argument. I know that the rich are entitled to there own money and should be able to spend it there money on what they please. I just think that them being taxed is the moral thing to do!