My Oasis

Rocio Escobedo


UNIV 111

18 September 2018

My Oasis

For as long as I can remember, my “private” place; the place I feel most comfortable has always been my house, more specifically my room. My home is very open and has a lot of windows. It has the perfect blend of Hispanic cultures that my parents gave me, and the American cultures that my siblings and I were exposed to while growing up. It has all my favorite and not-so-favorite childhood memories. However, my family and I have not stopped making memories in my home. My home has my family, the best food you could ever imagine and my dog, and that is all I could ask for. I am in complete serenity in my place.

One of the biggest reasons my own home and room is my “private” place is because I grew up going to an extremely small, Christian private school. You could say I was very different from my classmates. (Not that there were even many to compare to.) Due to my school circumstance, whenever I got home I instantly felt more comfortable. It was like something was lifted off of my shoulders. I could wear whatever I pleased, say whatever I pleased, and even read whatever I pleased.

My room never had the hundreds of restrictions my school did. My room has everything (objects) that is important to me. When I am in my room I love to relax and watch Netflix on my bed.  I also love having my friends over and hanging out with them. One of the most important reasons my room has always been my favorite place is because it has grown so much with me. It started as being pink in elementary school, to then purple in middle school, and lastly grey from high school to now. I am constantly changing and growing as a person, and my room reflects that aspect of me. Often times, I wouldn’t know which theme to choose for my room because I was so indecisive about it. I would end up buying countless different decorations and just kept changing it over and over. But nonetheless, every single item and piece in my room has a very special meaning to me.

Now my home and room is no longer a location that I am constantly living in. I can no longer be alone in the same comfort that I was every single day. Not being able to go back to my room every day has been an interesting journey. It is hard not having the option to go back to a stable place whenever is convenient for me. But despite that, I can always look forward to going back for special occasions. Even though I do not spend as much of my time in this place anymore, it has still shaped who I was, who I am as a person and it will shape who I become in the future. The reason it has shaped me into myself is because my whole life is portrayed in this confined place. Inside my house there are so many photos of me and my family throughout the 18 years of my life. You can see the physical changes I have went through. I have grown up in this place and became the person I am today. It is the place I will always be able to be fully myself and feel comfortable no matter the circumstance.

Why Place Mattersis a very eye-opening text that describes the impact that a certain geographical place can have on your identity. Wilfred M. McClay explains how a place can be a very general word and just point on a map, but to some people it can be unmistakably meaningful. This is because every person’s place is unique to them. He discusses how humans have an intense need for tangible things because they represent memories more than our thoughts and emotions can represent them. Personally, I feel as this statement describes my room perfectly. I have countless items or decorations that represent a certain memory I have had throughout my life. McClay also stresses the importance of having a stable place to grow and have a safe place to fill with enjoyable memories. He explains how the person you are and the life you live is linked to the place where you were raised.

My room has always been my safe place. Somewhere where I can reflect on what is happening in my life and in the world that surrounds me. It has grown and evolved with me and my personality. It gave me the ability to find out my true identity and have a serene environment to do so. I feel like I can be the truest and best version of myself.  My room is my oasis.