Concept Experience #2: Choose Your Own Internet Adventure

One of my topics was concerning the government, so I started of really specific with this program that the government is currently using.

I mainly clicked this because I had no idea what this was or that it existed.

Edward Snowden is the main reason we know about many government activities, and his story is actually interesting.

Information privacy is the subject of much debate these days. Topics on this include its definition, and its worth compared to the lives of the people.

Surprisingly this fell under the bracket of information of information privacy. Companies are putting more and more patents on genes and genetic sequences these days. Medical law is a broad region to explore.


After this, the links became too heavy in scientific details (that I wasn’t specifically interested in), so I decided to backtrack.

National Security is the reason many federal surveillance programs exist. They say it is for the “greater good” and should be valued over privacy.

The war that had the most impact on the world as a whole.


After backtracking again and checking my options, I arrived here.

From this, I could talk about diseases and conditions, or the implications laws concerning this have for society.

This is my aspiration, so I can easily see myself writing about this, or related issues.


EDIT: I had pictures of each page that searched for, but for some reason wordpress isn’t allowing me to paste them.

Man-Computer Symbiosis Nugget (Pt. 2)

I’m linking to LilyG’s post because i thought it was interesting. I’ve also heard good things about the show Sherlock but have yet to start it.

The human brain is said to be able to hold 2.5 petabytes (about a million gigabytes) of information.

Unfortunately, most of the information is deemed irrelevant and forgotten as to not cause a sensory overload and be taxing on the brain and body. There are however, an erudite few amount of people that recall most things that they’ve learned throughout their lives. This is ability I wish I had, as it would make life (especially school) much easier in certain ways. However, there are things I still wish I could forget.

Going back to how this relates to computers, although the brain can hold all of this information, for most people, it cannot recall all of it, whereas information on a computer can usually always be readily available when necessary. Even though the human brain currently has the higher carrying capacity for information, a computer can more efficiently access the information, and this is a way that it is superior. Since artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, computers are still merely tools of us humans. A tool has as many uses as the person using it can think of. We are constantly advancing machines, which can be considered a benefit for both sides. This is just another illustration of the symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

Week 1 Progress Report/Reflective Writing: The Interest Inventory

Personal Topics

1. Social Media: how twitter affects the way we do everything from watch tv to our education.

2. Legal Marijuana: how people are using the internet to argue for its legality, portray their views without exposing their identities, and even obtaining the drug through the web.

3. How digital media has popularized sports that are of a lower tier in America such as martial arts, tricking, parkour, (and even popular ones such as gymnastics).

4. Advocating for medical research thought controversial through digital media.

5. Physical and mental illnesses (and how digital media has been used to do everything from draw attention to them to fundraising for them).

6. Speech: how slang spreads through the internet.

7. Using digital media to argue for/against abortion, religion, capital punishment, immigration, gun control etc. (insert controversial issue here)

8. Government spying on its citizens, and how it uses powerful forms of digital media to do so.

9. Government control of digital media-from countries that it is completely censored to places where it is currently free (although the government is attempting more and more to rest control of it from the people, even in these “free” countries)

10. People online versus People in person: Let’s face it, most people online are just rude. Internet trolls exist just to annoy people so they can receive likes on their comments. They use the internet as a shield to say what they would never say in person. But why do so many choose to do this.

Classmate’s Topics

1. Online Education: is this the future? Will getting degrees online one day be the norm? How much digital integration will be ushered into future classrooms.

2. Online exposure: young people may regret the way they portray themselves online. Should they have a second chance in the future? The strong free speech laws in this country make it difficult to stop others from speech that my be considered slanderous to some.

3. The rise and fall of internet sensations (ex. harlem shake)

4. Gif’s, memes, and other internet goodies.

5. Online communities (twitch, youtube, reddit, etc.)

6. Blatant acts of racism online

7. Online gender wars

8. Using online digital media to make fun of people (especially celebrities). A prime example is Lebron in this year’s NBA finals.

9. Combating online bullying.

10. Online portrayals of college life.

Reflective Writing Prompt

The government spying on citizens is a long lasting controversial issue.  They claim it is in the interest of national security, but is it worth compromising the privacy of the citizens?

This issue is one that piques my interest. I want to discuss the dichotomy between the two points of view, and if it is possible to achieve balance between them.

I am also interested in writing about either drugs or medical research. I am a pre-med student after all.


Man-Computer Symbiosis Nugget

The phrase “man computer symbiosis” initially makes me think of a cyborg.

“Man-computer symbiosis is probably not the ultimate paradigm for complex technological systems. It seems entirely possible that, in due course, electronic or chemical “machines” will outdo the human brain in most of the functions we now consider exclusively within its province.”
This part of the passage speaks volumes to me. I feel that in the future, business will automate more and more jobs in order to cut costs and maximize efficiency. This is already demonstrated in fast food kiosks that take the place of people that may misinterpret the order.
As time goes on, the human element will be all but removed. It may start with low wage and menial labor jobs that are intially eliminated, but it may turn out that more esteemed positions in society will be taken over by machines as well, especially as artificial intelligence programs continue to advance. This is far off in the future of course, but it is possible that one day, the man-machine relationship can go from a symbiotic one to them seeing us as parasites and trying to eliminate us.

Brainstorming for Inquiry Project

Umbrella Categories  

Habits: Over/undereating (and related diseases), Over/undersleeping (and associated conditions) Sports (martial arts, basketball, gymnastics) study habits and procrastination

Trends: Social Media (with its effect on society), fashion trends, slang, music, diets, popular culture,  The Internet!

Gender: Feminism, female empowerment, equal treatment of genders, double standards, casual sex, sexuality LGBTQIA community

Controversies: Drug/alcohol use, legality of drugs such as alcohol and marijuana, other illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine etc. Government and its actions, war, corruption, Social issues (abortion, immigration, gay marraige etc.) Religion, Crime and punishment. Medicine & research, debated laws etc.

Places or Spaces: Japan, China, United States (New York, D.C. California and more), Ghana

Fears: The success and the future, heights, enclosed spaces, irregular/irrational fears and phobias, death.

Traits: Odd personalities and disorders, genetic traits and diseases, friendliness vs rudeness in people

Sports: Martial arts, basketball, football, gymnastics, Soccer (& the world cup) parkour, track & field, professional car racing.

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