My name is Eurah Lee and I am a broadcast journalism major here at VCU. This is my last semester so I am currently doing my best to make it count. I have a minor in Spanish and maybe another minor in Mandarin. Also, I am a Korean-American who speaks survival Korean, or Konglish.

When I am not on my school grind, I enjoy traveling, documenting, and creating visual experiences. I find myself an addict for lone adventures. I have backpacked alone all across Europe and Asia. Truth be told, I’ve been in countless situations where I wonder how I am still alive today. Nevertheless, throughout all of those risky ‘Taken’ moments, I’ve learned to have a LITTLE trust in the world . Other than that, I like to run outside and satisfy my sweet tooth. Also, I like my food SO SPICY that it skews my senses to hear.

I am humbly honored to have been chosen as an Intern for the Richmond Times Dispatch. I will be covering the UCI Bike Race, held this September here in Richmond. I am eager to cover the high and lowlights of the race, and more importantly, interact with all the international racers and supporters. Why travel outside of Richmond when the travel is coming to you!

However, I am not a professional bicyclist nor racer. I can be a little too reckless on wheels and would prefer not to endanger my community.

These days I mainly just stick to Instagram and Snapchat. Essentially I use the gram to show my followers where I am and what I’m doing. I also use it to follow talents that I like and find events that I am near. I spent this past summer interning for a Brand Management and consulting group in Los Angeles, so during my little to none free time, I really utilized Instagram to find the hippest local foodie spots and concerts.

I am eager to create, explore, and build with everyone!




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