Augmenting Human Intellect Nugget 3

This article was incredibly interesting to me because it dealt a lot with the human mind and learning which deals with my major. I’m very curious about how the mind learns to do things and how it processes new information. I was most interested in part A of section 2 of the article where it talks about how information gets into the brain. It talks about both conscious and unconscious processing. Conscious processing deals with┬árecognizing patterns, remembering, visualizing, abstracting, deducing, inducing, etc and unconscious processing deals with┬ámediating of received and self-generated information. I’m interested in this because I want to know how cognitive development works. I’m in a lot of psych classes right now and they deal with learning but most of them only deal with those conscious processes. I’m curious about how the unconscious processes lead to learning and why they aren’t talked about as often.

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  1. Would you mind pasting which point caught you the most in part A section 2? or did you enjoy all of that section? I can see how being a psych major and reading about the human thinking processes can be interesting, and if that’s the case, it should be the same for an Advertising major like I’m supposed to be lol. I’ll just have to dig a little deeper for it to be not so boring, I suppose.

  2. I share your interest regarding how unconscious processes — how they effect development and manifest in behavior. If you’re not getting this in your Psych classes right now and are curious, you might want to explore Freud’s original Interpretation of Dreams, Carl Jung’s work on archetypes, and (more recently) Jacques Lacan. Interestingly, you can find original articles by each in any decent literary criticism anthology…and a good place to start for a quick overview is the Purdue Owl site in the lit crit section. I studied English and Psych for my undergrad and it was always fascinating to see the two “vectors” converge ­čÖé
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