Thoughts on the class/skills

My strongest skill is being extremely passionate about the things that I am interested in. I’m incredibly passionate about psychology and helping people with mental illness and I used that as my paper topic in this class. Being so passionate about something helped me to be interested in researching and writing my paper. I actually wanted to do the work so I put forth much more effort than I usually would with an assignment like this. I have always been very relaxed with researching. I would use any source that I found and not bother to really read through it and make sure it was accurate. Now, because I cared so much about this assignment, I actually spent the time reading through all my sources and checking to see if they were good and reliable. I learned so much about a specific topic within my field of study that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to learn about.


One skill that I didn’t really come in with was research skills. I have had to right argumentative papers for a long time and I have been taught how to find reliable sources before but I just never really cared or found it important to my paper. This class really taught me the importance of good research. I know where to find reliable sources and how to form my paper from them. This class was the first time I actually cared about research because I cared about my paper and I wanted to do it right and do it well. I wanted to learn something because I am passionate about my topic.


I think that my strongest areas of evidence are my blog posts. I am able to get my thoughts and ideas out much better when I write and I liked having that time to be able to lay things out in an organized manner and discuss them. It helped me see the areas that I really needed to work on. I found that I needed to do a better job on research and because of that, I fixed my problems and did a better job. When I wrote my posts, I always had a specific end in mind and that helped me stay organized and see where I was going with things. The blog posts made my mind work and made me think about the class from a different perspective. The class pushed me and got me to a better place with my writing. I used to be very lazy with the way I wrote but now I’m confidant that my writing has gotten much better.


I had a few challenges in this class that I definitely had to overcome. The first one was that the beginning of the class was so abstract that I had trouble following and I ended up just shutting down and not wanting to do anything because I was confused and just felt like it wasn’t helping me or teaching me anything. I persevered and got through it though. My other challenge is a challenge I’ve always had with writing. I hate finding and citing sources. I absolutely love to write and I like researching but the extra time that it takes to find good sources and cite them makes me just not want to write papers. I’ve never been very good at it and it always made me feel like my papers were never good enough because I just couldn’t cite sources correctly. I feel like this class definitely helped me with that. We spent a lot of time researching and learning what is and what isn’t a good source and how we should cite that. I know this is an important skill and will help me with writing in the future so I’m very grateful for that and for this class.


Based on the evidence that I’ve just talked about, I am actually surprised to see how much of an A thinker that I’ve been with this class. In my previous UNIV class I can honestly say I was probably more of a C thinker. I think that part of that was my own laziness but part of that was the professor not making the class interesting or challenging enough. At the beginning of this class I wasn’t doing so well. I thought it was boring and confusing and like the expectations were very unclear. I like having a defined set of expectations to tell me what to do. I had to change the way I thought and worked and because of this, I slowly climbed up to being an A thinker. I learned to give myself my own set of expectations and to try harder than I really needed to. I was passionate about my topic and was excited to do the research on it. I’m very pleased with my progress and I owe it to this class.

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