UNIV 200 Grade

I am actually surprised to see how much of an A thinker that I’ve been with this class. In my previous UNIV class I can honestly say I was probably more of a C thinker. I think that part of that was my own laziness but part of that was the professor not making the class interesting or challenging enough. At the beginning of this class I wasn’t doing so well. I thought it was boring and confusing and like the expectations were very unclear. I like having a defined set of expectations to tell me what to do. I had to change the way I thought and worked and because of this, I slowly climbed up to being an A thinker. I learned to give myself my own set of expectations and to try harder than I really needed to. I was passionate about my topic and was excited to do the research on it. I’m very pleased with my progress and I owe it to this class. Because of all these reasons, I believe that I should get an A in this class. While my work might not have been perfect, the way that I stepped up my thinking and how hard I actually tried shows amazing progress. And isn’t that what an A thinker does?

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